Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I update my Banner Finance Approval Queues?
A. Please submit the Banner Finance Approval Queue Maintenance form found on Finance Systems Management (FSM) website
Q.  How do I update my Chrome River Approval Group?
A.  Please submit the Chrome River Approval Group Maintenance request form found on UNM's Chrome River website
Q. How is Banner Tax Calculated?
A. The 1% charge found on department's financial reports is a charge that is levied against all departments to help pay for the on-going implementation and maintenance of the UNM Banner ERP system. Prior to the implementation of Banner, the Executive Cabinet of the University decided to assess this 'tax'. The 1% Banner Tax is calculated on the total net monthly activity for non-salary expense account codes and is posted in the 'Banner Tax' account code (80K0) for each index. Please note that the 1% charge to Contract or Grant indexes is made to the F&A Pool accounts for Main Campus and HSC. Specific inclusions and exclusions are as follows:
    The following will not be charged the 1% tax:
  • o Agency-Fund Type Level 1
  • o Loan-Fund Type Level 1
  • o Endowments Corpus Funds (all) Type Level 1 (excludes endowment spending)
  • o Investment in Plan-Fund Type Level 1
  • o Retirement of Indebtedness Fund Type Level 1
  • o Renewal and Replacement Fund Type Level1
  • o Internals Services Program Codes
  • o Level 3 Programs
  • o Student Social & Cultural Programs
  • o NM Govt Gross Receipts Tax Expense
  • The following are charged the 1% tax:
  • o Unexpended Plant-Fund Type Level (the exception to this is Major & Minor Unrestricted & Restricted Fund Code Level 1)
  • o Unrestricted Fund Type Level 1 (the exception to this is Account Code Level 2s (i.e., Salaries & Payroll Benefits, Utilities, Non-Cash Expense, Bond Expense, Other Expense, Student Costs, Acct Code Level 3s Insurance/Bonds, Professional Liab. Ins, F&A Expense, Facility Rent)
  • o Restricted Fund Types (same exceptions as Unrestricted Fund Type Level 1)
Q. How do I know what Banner Finance Security I need?
A.  For a list of Finance roles and a description of those roles see the Security Matrix under Finance on the Financial Services Resources job aids page.
Q. How do I request access to Chrome River?
A.  All active employees are automatically given access to Chrome River.  In order to authenticate UNM to Chrome River, you must always use the Card Link on MyUNM to login.
Q. How do I request a New or Edit to an existing Organization Code?
A. New Org Code requests and edits to existing Org Codes must be submitted via the COA Org Code Application
Q. How do I request a New Banner Finance Index, Fund Code, Account Code, Program Code or Activity Code?
A. New Codes (Index, Fund Account, Program and Activity) requests must be submitted via the Chart of Accounts Request Application.